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Three Common Concrete Foundation Mistakes You Should Avoid: Insights from a Cement Contractor in Niles, Illinois

When it comes to your Niles home’s concrete foundation, you don’t want any mistakes to be made during the installation. After all, foundation repairs are prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. Worse still — foundation damage is often difficult to diagnose, and by the time you notice it, the damage may have gotten out of control.
Below, this cement contractor in Niles, Illinois is going to explain the most common mistakes homeowners make when installing a concrete foundation, and we’ll also explain how you can avoid them.

Not waterproofing the foundation

Waterproofing your foundation is perhaps the most critical step in ensuring its long-term stability. Although concrete is quite durable, it is also porous — so water can easily seep into a concrete foundation. Over time, when the water inside the foundation freezes, it contracts and expands. This will weaken and gradually break down your concrete foundation.
If you are building a new home, you are ahead of the game — you can tell your cement contractor in Niles, Illinois that you want to waterproof your foundation. If your home has already been built, but you know that the foundation was not waterproofed, start planning to have your foundation dug out and waterproofed. It takes time and money, but it will protect your concrete foundation from water damage for decades to come.

Ignoring cracks and basement leaks

Overlooking cracks in the basement walls is another common mistake we see homeowners make — and similar to not waterproofing the foundation, it can be rather costly. Water can seep into your basement through these cracks and create an ideal setting for mold, mildew, and fungus to thrive. Allowing these conditions to continue will soon result in a musty odor in your basement.
When water damage is severe enough that you can spot it, it is best to contact a professional Niles concrete contractor. They will do a thorough inspection and advise you whether sealing leaks is the best course of action to prevent further moisture or whether a more extensive (read: expensive) repair is needed.
The bottom line is this: you don’t want to make the mistake of dismissing basement leaks. They are a telltale sign of water damage and can be very dangerous.

Installing the foundation during inclement weather

Concrete is widely known for its incredible durability. A big part of that durability is contingent upon proper drying. A concrete foundation requires ample time to dry immediately after being poured. If it does not get that time, it can run into various issues — the foundation may crack, drop down or “sink” and be unable to support as much weight as it would have if given enough time to dry. 
An experienced cement contractor in Niles, Illinois will be able to estimate the exact amount of time required, as concrete drying or curing times vary based on the type of mix used.
Besides insufficient drying time, weather can also contribute to an improperly dried foundation. Ideally, a concrete foundation should be poured on a bright and sunny day with no rain in the forecast. Because nobody can control the weather, all you can really do is schedule your foundation for a pleasant time of year.

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