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Creative and Unique Driveway Ideas to Consider: Insights from a Driveway Installation Company in River Forest, Illinois

The driveway is one of the first things that passersby’s and visitors notice about your property. Like the front door, the driveway can create a lasting impression of the property. There’s no doubt that a functional and aesthetically pleasing driveway adds to the overall appeal of a property.

Are you looking to repave your driveway, or install a new one altogether? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, this driveway installation company in River Forest, Illinois is going to discuss some creative and unique options that will help your property stand out.

1. Brick Driveway

If you do not have ample space for your driveway, choose paving bricks. It will help accomplish a finished, fully functional, and well-manicured driveway. Also, ask the installer how they plan to prevent weeds, as these can sprout from between the bricks.

2. Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways may be a common sight in your neighborhood. But these are permanent driveway solutions. Concrete is low maintenance, durable, long-lasting, and cost effective.

However, the problem is that concrete driveways look identical and a little worn out with time and constant use. The solution? You can choose concrete tiles, stamped concrete, or ask the installer to put some patterns in the driveway to help it stand out from the rest.

3. Pavers

Brick paver driveways in River Forest are visually appealing, safe, and of course, durable. Pavers are also versatile and can offer a high resale value for their aesthetics. If you can find discounted pavers, the process can be seamless. However, this is generally not something you should take on as a DIY project. Make sure to hire the best driveway installation specialists in River Forest, Illinois.

4. Rubber Paving

It is the new rage since rubber paving is inexpensive. But the cost ultimately depends on different contractors. When installed right, it can last for many years. Earlier, rubber paving was utilized for playgrounds and landscaping but is now an excellent driveway option.

5. Cobblestone

If you want to retain an eye-pleasing, historic charm, installing a cobblestone driveway on your River Forest, Illinois property could be a fantastic option. Cobblestone adds a timeless look to the property and reminds us of the old European towns. It is sturdy, makes less noise, and can last you years. Plus, it makes the driveway look unique.

6. Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt is another popular option for River Forest, Illinois property owners. It looks classic, feels durable, and is also budget friendly. The material holds up well against all weather conditions like concrete. You can install some lush greens and stone edges along the driveway to add a creative touch to your asphalt driveway.

7. Gravel

Gravel driveways are relatively affordable and long-lasting. When installed correctly, they do not allow weed growth, they provide a natural water flow, and they can be used to achieve both contemporary and traditional looks. Unfortunately, gravel can also be susceptible to holes, ruts, shifting, and more.

Are You Looking for a Driveway Installation Company in River Forest, Illinois?

As homeowners who have done it in the past will tell you, installing a beautiful new driveway is worth the effort. If you are looking for the top-rated driveway installation company in River Forest, Illinois, the professionals at Via Galante Cement Contractors are the people to call. Our concrete experts specialize in installing top-quality driveways, and we would be happy to do the same at your property.

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