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Concrete Steps

If you live in an older home in the Chicagoland area, chances are, you have concrete steps somewhere — possibly in the front of your home or in the basement. It is also possible that these steps have seen better days. Not only can they start to look rather unsightly over time, but they can also be very dangerous, particularly for children and elderly people. Concrete is a very strong material, but the elements can start to take a toll over time, especially if the steps are located outside of your house. The good news is that, as long as the damage is not too severe, it can be easily repaired by a licensed cement contractor.

A few days should be sufficient time for the job, as long as the correct tools, equipment, and materials are used. Here are the basic steps that a professional will follow when repairing your concrete steps:

Step 1: Professional cement contractors will need the necessary tools and equipment, which includes goggles, a chisel, a sledgehammer, a normal hammer, and a wheelbarrow. Also, the following will be more than useful: a concrete float, a trowel, a shovel, and a paintbrush. They will also need sufficient concrete and also some bricks, boards, nails, and some bonding agent. For some jobs, a few two-by-four boards will also be very handy.

Step 2: The contractor will use the chisel to remove the crumbling concrete, and they will use the sledgehammer to chisel the gap widely down to the solid concrete. The goal here is to cut a V shape between the step and the riser, then clean the debris away with a broom. They may then use a garden hose to flush the indentation thoroughly with water.

Step 3: The contractor will use the boards to form a shape around the steps, and they’ll hold these in place using bricks. They may nail a piece of two-by-four across each of the boards to hold the shape in place correctly.

Step 4: Next, it’s time to prepare the wheelbarrow for the mixing stage. The cement contractor will add the correct amount of water and use a shovel to properly mix the concrete. Before the pour, they will apply the bonding agent to the edges using a paintbrush.

Step 5: The contractor will fill in the area with the concrete mixture and spread it out using a trowel, and they will level the top of the new concrete so that it is the same height as the old concrete that is still in place. They will repeat this process for every step that has been damaged by corrosion. The concrete float will be utilized to smooth the edge for a final and level finish.

Step 6: The professionals will know when the concrete has set, because the film of water on the surface will have been absorbed. They will then use a plastic sheet to cover the steps and recommend that you wait a week before using them again. It’s important to leave the wooden boards in place until the concrete has set fully. After this, you can enjoy your steps once more!

Professional Concrete and Concrete Repair Services in Chicago, IL

To avoid accidents, it is strongly recommended that you have your concrete steps repaired by an experienced professional as soon as possible. If you are looking to repair or install new concrete steps on your property, we’ve got you covered. Our team has over three decades of experience in working with concrete throughout Chicago and its surrounding areas.

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