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Is Concrete Stamping Still Popular? Insights from a Concrete Stamping Contactor in Broadview, Illinois

Is Concrete Stamping Still Popular? Insights from a Concrete Stamping Contractor in Broadview, Illinois

Stamped concrete is a popular and cost-effective material that mimics higher-end materials. It can last for decades with proper maintenance. Whether you have an American-style ranch house, Spanish Colonial Revival theme, or something in between, stamped concrete offers unlimited design versatility and blends well with most architectural styles. Below, this concrete stamping contractor in Broadview, Illinois is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about the topic.

What Makes Stamped Concrete So Popular?

Stamped concrete is hard to beat from the installation, cost, and aesthetics standpoint.

If you are looking to add uniqueness to your patios, walkways, driveways, or other surfaces, stamped concrete is an economical solution. It is much more affordable than pavers, bricks, natural stone, or other premium materials. It offers lower-cost benefits yet maintains its quality and durability.

When treated adequately and by skilled contractors, the material remains slip and skid-resistant. You get an extensive choice of colors and patterns to enliven different surfaces and match those to your personal style.

However, stamped concrete isn’t as DIY-friendly as regular concrete, and the process may demand professional installation. Rest assured, it is relatively simple to maintain, provided you are consistent with its upkeep.

Common Stamped Concrete Styles

Stamped concrete is such a versatile material choice. From luxurious to old-fashioned and rustic — whatever appeals to you may be achievable with concrete stamping. Here are some stamped concrete design ideas for your Broadview, Illinois, property.


Go for a chic and simplistic pattern to complement your modern-style house. The key is to stick with a single color and pattern for a subtle texture yet an overall modern design. Lighter colors do wonders for contemporary house projects as they keep the aesthetics minimal. However, you can play with colors as long as those sync with your style.


Complement your ranch-style property with a rustic stamped concrete pattern. Arizona flagstone, other random stones, and seamless texture skins do well if you wish to maintain that countryside charm. Contrasting colors and textures are best for edging the patios and driveways, whereas matching colors are more suitable for the siding.


In most traditional homes, you will generally find brick and stone surfaces that give the properties a timeless look. You can replicate the same design with stamped concrete and obtain the feel of such classic materials at much less cost. One way is to stamp a hand-laid brickwork design or try a formal cut stone. English Yorkstone is also a popular pattern to achieve a traditional look.


Concrete stamping can be an excellent choice to match those Mediterranean and Old-World European styles. Creating a look similar to travertine or antique cobblestones offers that authentic Mediterranean appearance. Selecting from the myriad color options may be challenging but fun. You can produce cobblestone, European fan, or ashlar slate patterns for achieving that old-world style.

Looking for the Premier Concrete Stamping Contractor in Broadview, Illinois?

With so many available options, stamped concrete — also known as decorative, imprinted, or textured concrete — has become one of the most viable concrete options in residential and commercial projects.

Are you looking to install stamped concrete in Broadview, Illinois? If so, Via Galante is the company to call. With eye-catching colors, strikingly creative design options, maximum strength, and appealing textures, we can install a stamped concrete surface that you will love. Whether you are looking to replicate stone, brick, wood, tile, or other premium materials at your property, we can get it done.

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