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Four Reasons to Install a Stamped Concrete Surface: Insights from a Concrete Stamping Contractor in Berwyn, Illinois

Four Reasons to Install a Stamped Concrete Surface: Insights from a Concrete Stamping Contractor in Berwyn, Illinois

Most Berwyn homeowners will agree that brick paver patios look fantastic. The main drawback to installing brick pavers, however, is that it’s expensive. Fortunately, there’s an affordable alternative: you can install a stamped concrete surface that mimics the look of brick pavers and provides several additional benefits as well.
Are you trying to decide whether to install a stamped concrete surface as opposed to brick pavers? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Below, this concrete stamping contractor in Berwyn, Illinois is going to discuss the top four reasons to consider installing a stamped concrete surface at your property.

1. Prevents weed growth.

Weed growth is often an issue with brick pavers. Individually set concrete, clay bricks, or natural stone pavers have joints between each stone that cannot stop stubborn weeds from pushing through despite being filled with polymeric sand (a mixture of fine sands combined with other additives). These types of surfaces need to be constantly monitored for weeds to prevent shifting.
There are no joints or gaps in surfaces that are installed by a stamped concrete contractor in Berwyn, Illinois, which means you won’t have to worry about weeds popping up.

2. Easy installation.

As any concrete stamping contractor in Berwyn, Illinois will tell you, installing pavers is far more complicated and time-consuming than installing a stamped concrete overlay on an existing surface. Excavating, setting grade (or grading), compacting the base, installing woven geotextile fabric, cutting the borders, and bond beam preparation are all steps involved in paver installation. Cutting corners or skipping steps increases the risk of pavers shifting and creating an uneven surface.
The installation of a concrete overlay is easier. The steps include cleaning and preparing the existing surface, pouring and placing concrete, stamping textures, adding additional coloring, and curing and sealing the surface. You can transform an aged and worn concrete surface into a new flagstone, cobblestone, or limestone finish in only a few days.

3. Low maintenance.

Due to their porous nature, pavers can easily absorb moisture. This leads to rust stains and mold and moss growth, particularly in shaded areas where the stones may never fully dry. You can buy specialty products to remove the mold, but they require a lot of elbow grease. Power cleaning is also an option, but it can loosen and wash away the sand in the joints. As the sand erodes, re-sanding becomes necessary.
Stamped concrete sealers create a super-strong, low-maintenance surface. Periodic sweeping will keep dust and dirt at bay; stains will not sink in and can be easily wiped up with a stiff nylon brush; mold and moss growth will be discouraged; and occasional use of a pH neutral floor cleaner will keep your concrete looking like new.

4. Unlimited design potential.

Pavers are popular among Berwyn homeowners because of the complex designs that can be created. However, the more intricate the design, the longer the installation time and the higher the cost. There are also limited color options — particularly with natural stone.
There are no design constraints with stamped concrete. Do you want a cobblestone driveway with a stamped flagstone entrance border? No problem — a professional concrete stamping contractor in Berwyn, Illinois can create any intricate design and pattern you want using custom decorative concrete stencils.

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