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How to Make Your Concrete Driveway Look Better: Insights from a Concrete Driveway Installation Contractor in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

How to Make Your Concrete Driveway Look Better: Insights from a Concrete Driveway Installation Contractor in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Installing a concrete driveway for your Elk Grove Village property? Concrete driveways are functional and safe. Unfortunately, despite being a durable material, concrete is prone to deterioration over time.

At Via Galante Cement Contractors Inc., we understand how important it is to maintain the look and functionality of your driveway. As the most-trusted concrete driveway installation contractor in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, we’re going to explain a few ways to maintain your driveway.

Repair Damage

One of the primary ways to make your concrete driveway look better is to repair existing flaws and blemishes. Concrete may be made to last a lifetime, but time does take a toll on its strength. With consistent use, extreme Illinois weather conditions, and neglected aftercare, the driveway might get bumpy and broken.

To transform your driveway into a beautiful, inviting surface, fill the cracks, call sealcoating specialists, and take care of it to get the most out of your investment.

Concrete Stamping

Concrete stamping in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, is one of the most common techniques of decorating that dull and deteriorating concrete driveway. It offers design possibilities that are not feasible with other driveway construction materials. You can combine stamps with different colors to create cost-effective replicas of natural flooring materials in the most creative ways.


Staining is an affordable and versatile process for upgrading the look of both new and existing driveways. The stain color penetrates deeply into the concrete to provide a fade-resistant, peel-proof, and everlasting pigment to the surface. The tints can mimic natural materials or be used individually to complement your property.

Use Pavers

Using pavers, or even bricks and gravel for that matter, is an excellent alternative to upgrade your driveway. It is a practical option if the surface is beyond repair and might need a complete reinstallation. Bricks are stunning and sturdy, gravel is low-maintenance and inexpensive, and pavers help make the exteriors stand out. So, whatever you choose, pick the materials wisely and call the pros for a reliable driveway installation in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Try Etching

Nothing makes your driveway stand out quite like etching. The technique utilizes specialized tools and practices to etch a pattern that appeals to you. You can also add stains while etching to make the driveway pop. Etching produces a one-of-a-kind driveway, provided you choose colors and designs that suit your personal style as well as the overall look of your property.  

Improve landscaping

Sometimes small landscaping efforts can bring about significant differences. Start by adding flower beds along the driveway. Trim overgrown grass, shrubs, and trees and pull out any weeds to change the focus from the driveway to the beautifully maintained landscape.

Add Lighting

Use lights to level up your driveway style. It can set the entire lawn apart, add to the outdoor safety, and bring more attention to the driveway area. You can install lights pagoda-style along the edges, put some up on the pillars, or build them into the pavers. You can also hardwire the lights in such a way so they turn on when it gets dark.

Looking for a Concrete Driveway Installation Contractor in Elk Grove Village, Illinois?

First and foremost, your driveway should be installed by industry professionals so it can handle the daily stress for years to come. Next, you can stain, stamp, or etch to improve the surface. Finally, lighting and landscaping act as the finishing touches to complete the look of your driveway.

Are you looking for the premier concrete driveway installation contractor in Elk Grove Village, Illinois? If so, the team at Via Galante Cement Contractors Inc. is here to help. Contact us today at (773)-589-9893 to request a free quote.