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The Five Most Common Concrete Pouring Mistakes to Avoid: Insights from a Concrete Contractor in Norridge, Illinois

The Five Most Common Concrete Pouring Mistakes to Avoid: Insights from a Concrete Contractor in Norridge, Illinois


Pouring concrete can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. If you want to make sure that your concrete work will turn out exactly how you want it to, there are several common mistakes you’ll need to avoid as you pour your concrete. Below, this concrete contractor in Norridge, Illinois is going to explain the five most common concrete pouring mistakes to watch out for.

Not Having the Right Proportions

One of the most common mistakes made when pouring concrete is not having the right proportions of water to cement. If there is too much water, the concrete will be weak and susceptible to cracking. Not enough water and the concrete will be dry, making it difficult to work with. We recommend starting by adding more water than you think you need so that if your first pour does not go well, you can add more concrete before your next pour.

Don’t forget to add sand to the mix. Without sand, the concrete will not adhere to itself and will result in lumps or bubbles on top of the finished product.

Not Properly Preparing the Slab

Another common concrete pouring mistake is not adequately preparing the slab. The ground needs to be level and free of debris before you pour concrete — or you risk having an uneven surface.

If you are pouring a concrete slab on top of dirt, dig down until you reach the hard ground. If there are existing slabs underneath, be sure to prepare them by digging out any debris and leveling their surfaces. To ensure your prepared surface is level, your concrete contractor in Norridge, Illinois will recommend using something like a carpenter’s level or laser level. Laser levels are most accurate and typically have measurements displayed in both metric and imperial units.

Not Calculating Shipping Weight

Not calculating the shipping weight correctly is yet another mistake. Here are some tips that can help you avoid this mistake:

  • Get accurate quotes from your supplier about how much concrete you will need and what the shipping weight will be.
  • Use a concrete calculator tool to help estimate the amount of concrete you need and figure out the shipping weight.
  • If you are doing the job yourself, ensure you know how much your vehicle can hold and don’t overfill it.

Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor

People also make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed contractor. This can be a big mistake because not only are you risking subpar work, but you could also be held liable if something goes wrong.

If you plan on pouring a concrete surface at your Norridge home, you should work with a licensed and insured concrete contractor in Norridge, Illinois. This will help protect you from liability if something goes wrong.

Keep in mind that just because a contractor has an impressive-looking website does not mean they are licensed and not liable for errors or accidents. It is important to ask about licensing before you hire anyone for any job.

Not Understanding Quotes

Finally, a big mistake people make when pouring concrete is not understanding the quote they receive. The price of concrete is not just the cost per square foot but also includes the thickness of the pour, how much rebar will be needed, and other factors. Be sure to ask your concrete contractor Norridge, Illinois about all these factors so there are no surprises later.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to pour some concrete, there are some things you need to know before you start pouring. It is not as simple as just mixing and dumping. While the proper technique can be learned with practice, these five common mistakes must be avoided if you want your results to meet expectations. 

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