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How to Beautify the Concrete Floors in your Basement: Insight from a Concrete Contractor in Niles, Illinois

How to Beautify the Concrete Floors in your Basement: Insight from a Concrete Contractor in Niles, Illinois

When it comes to finishing your basement flooring, concrete is arguably the most popular material amongst homeowners in the Niles area — and for good reasons. Concrete is exceptionally durable, it is fairly easy to clean and maintain, there are no seams on a concrete floor, and it can last for generations! But what if you don’t particularly like the way those dull, gray concrete floors look?

While concrete has unparalleled functional value, its decorative value is average at best. If you would like to add a more appealing visual element to your concrete basement floors in Niles, you should contact a reputable, licensed, and experienced concrete contractor and choose any of the following options for beautifying the concrete floors in your basement. Be prepared for compliments from your guests!

Resurfaced Concrete

If you opt for resurfaced concrete, your concrete contractor in Niles, Illinois will patch the cracks on your basement floor first. Once the floor has been repaired, a polymer-modified concrete resurfacing material will be applied on top of the concrete surface. With the repairs and resurfacing out of the way, your concrete contractor will be able to create different patterns on your concrete floor — such as flagstone, brick, wooden planks, etc. — and create a unique look for your basement flooring.

It’s important to note here that the concrete resurfacing technique is only effective when the concrete flooring in your basement is not damaged. If the floor has wide cracks — more than ¼ of an inch wide — the overlay material will not adhere well or last for a long time.

Stained Concrete

Many homeowners choose stained concrete to instantly transform their dull and uninteresting basement floors into a breath-taking work of art. Your concrete contractor in Niles will be able to stain your basement floor with a wide selection of striking colors. Earth tones are the “in thing” amongst many homeowners right now, but the final decision is up to you. Some of the most common types of stains used by concrete contractors include acid stains, water-based acrylic stains, and dyes.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is one of the most effective and efficient ways of adding style and character to your concrete basement flooring. The concrete can be stamped to look like antique stone or bricks. You could even make it resemble a hardwood floor! The best part? Regardless of what texture you go with, you will still have all the functional benefits of concrete.

Usually, the concrete stamping process works best with freshly poured concrete, or when the concrete is still wet. But if you want to stamp an existing concrete floor, do not worry. The contractor will be able to add a layer of concrete or overlay mixture to the existing floor before stamping it.


Concrete is one of the best flooring options for a basement — however, its dull gray aesthetic can be an eyesore for some homeowners in Niles, Illinois. If you would like to increase the decorative value of your concrete basement flooring, you should contact a reputable concrete contractor and discuss the possible choices for beautifying the concrete floors in your basements.

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