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Check Valve Systems in Chicagoland

 A sump pump is a system that is designed to catch and remove water from beneath a basement floor. In other words, it keeps water from flooding your basement and causing extensive damage to your Chicagoland home. A check valve system works in tandem with your sump pump, and it increases the efficiency and longevity of the sump pump.

Read below to learn about the benefits of installing a check valve system in Chicagoland.

What is a check valve system?

A check valve system is a one-way valve with a flapper that is installed in the sump pump’s discharge pipe. When the pump is turned on, the force of the water opens the flapper, causing the water to flow through the valve. The valve flapper closes when the pump is turned off, preventing water from flowing backward. A check valve system ensures that pumped-out water does not return to the pit.
When the flapper fully closes, valves with a flat seat will make a loud, clunking noise. When the valve strikes the seat, the impact is known as a ‘water hammer.’ Using a valve with an angled seat reduces the impact of a water hammer — and using a valve with a spring-loaded flapper reduces it even further.

How does a check valve system work?

Cracking pressure: A check valve needs a minimum upstream pressure — the difference in pressure between the inlet and outlet — to open and allow water to flow through. The minimal upstream pressure at which the valve opens is called the check valve ‘cracking pressure.’ The amount of cracking pressure will vary depending on the valve type and size, so it’s important to make sure your system can generate the necessary cracking pressure.

Closing: The valve will close if the upstream pressure falls below the cracking pressure threshold, or if there is back pressure (water that is trying to flow from the outlet to the inlet). 

Installation orientation: Because a one-way valve only functions in one direction, it is critical to understand the proper installation orientation. Often, an arrow on the valve casing indicates the flow direction. Otherwise, you must inspect the valve to confirm it is fitted in the proper flow direction. If it is not, the flow will be unable to pass through the system, and a buildup of pressure may result in damage.

The Benefits of Installing a Check Valve System in Chicagoland

Here are some of the benefits of installing a check valve system in Chicagoland:

Sump pump efficiency: Gravity will push the water in the discharge pipe back down into the sump pit if there is no check valve system in place. A check valve system prevents water from being forced back down, saving the sump pump from having to re-pump water out. When a check valve is installed incorrectly, short cycling can happen. For example, if the check valve is installed too high up on the discharge pipe, the water below the check valve will drain back into the basin, causing the water level to rise rapidly. With the rising water, the pump will have to restart — and your pump will wear down over time from having to re-pump the same water out. Eliminating short cycling is healthier for the environment, and it helps save money on your electricity bills.

Sump pump lifespan: Short cycling raises the temperature of the sump pump motor. Excess heat can be harmful to electric motors, which means it can significantly reduce your sump pump’s lifespan. The possibility of short cycling can be avoided by installing a check valve system, which will increase the lifespan of the sump pump.

Installation tip: A check valve system should be installed close to the floor to reduce the volume of water that drains back at the end of each pumping cycle. This placement also makes it simple to service the valve when necessary.

Ready to Install a Check Valve System in Chicagoland?

Without a check valve system, your sump pump will have to work significantly harder to pump out the same volume of water. Installing a check valve system helps lessen the stress placed on your sump pump, which saves energy and extends the lifespan of the system. If you’re ready to install a check valve system in Chicagoland, Via Galante Cement Contractors is the company to call. Contact us today at (773) 589-9893 to learn more about our professional check valve system installation services.