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Three Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Garage Floor Installation: Insights from a Cement Contractor in Franklin Park, Illinois

When it comes to installing a new concrete garage floor or replacing an existing one, some Franklin Park homeowners might think about installing it themselves. Sure, you could save some money by going with a DIY approach. However, large concrete surfaces are way more complex and time-consuming to install than most people realize. With that said, working with a professional cement contractor in Franklin Park is usually the best choice.
Here are three advantages of hiring a professional cement contractor for your garage floor installation in Franklin Park, Illinois:

Proper Prep Work

There’s a lot of prep work that goes into the project before your Franklin Park cement contractor can carry out the installation. Grading or leveling the ground and determining the depth at which concrete will be poured are all part of this process.
One of the most common mistakes that we see DIY homeowners make while preparing for a garage floor installation in Franklin Park is that they forget to account for drainage. When a concrete surface gets wet, whether from rain or sprinklers, the water must go somewhere. This runoff water can invade your home, basement, or yard if the concrete surface is not properly graded or sloped.
Another common mistake is pouring the concrete surface too thick or too thin. The ideal thickness varies depending on the type of concrete used, how the concrete is used, and the weather conditions of the area. Concrete that is too thick may not cure properly, whereas concrete that is too thin might break apart or wear out quickly.
A reputable garage floor installation contractor in Franklin Park, Illinois will know how to properly grade and slope your garage floor — and determine the appropriate thickness — to avoid these common mistakes.

The Best Concrete Mix

Did you know that there are different types of concrete mixes? Some contain more aggregate or water, while others have more sand or reinforced materials. It is crucial to select the most appropriate mix for your garage floor installation in Franklin Park and properly mix the concrete.
The right mix ensures that your concrete surface can effectively withstand any stress it is subjected to — including extreme weather conditions — and that it can cure properly based on the conditions that existed when the concrete was installed.
If you try to install a concrete surface yourself, you may inadvertently choose the wrong type of concrete mix. This can affect the performance and shorten the lifespan of your concrete garage floor. A professional cement contractor in Franklin Park, Illinois will know how to determine the right type of mixture for your garage floor installation.

Timely Leveling and Smoothing

There is only a brief window of time to level and smooth the concrete surface after the concrete has been poured. The concrete surface can no longer be smoothed or leveled after it has cured.
Because most people are not used to doing this, DIY homeowners generally take much longer to smooth and level their concrete. Unfortunately, there is no easy or economical way to deal with the problem if they do not smooth or level the surface before the concrete cures. When this happens, if a professional Franklin Park cement contractor is not able to re-level the surface, it may need to be removed and replaced.

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