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How to Maintain Your Cement Surfaces During the Summer: Tips from a Cement Contractor in Broadview, Illinois

How to Maintain Your Cement Surfaces During the Summer: Tips from a Cement Contractor in Broadview, Illinois


The summer months can be hard on your cement surfaces — especially if you are not working with a professional cement contractor in Broadview, Illinois to keep them looking their best. Because summer heat and humidity can have a negative impact on even the most well-maintained cement surfaces, it’s important that you take care of your cement during the summer months.

Not sure what this entails? That’s where we can help. Here are some tips that will help you maintain your cement surfaces this summer:

Minimize heat exposure

If you have a cement project during the hot summer months, you’ll want to ensure your work is as protected from sunlight and heat as possible. This can be done with tarping or shading.

While tarps can act as makeshift protection against extreme heat, they are not ideal if you are worried about water exposure. That is why many cement contractors in Broadview, Illinois rely on shade when it comes to summer-time cement projects — it protects from water and heat, keeping your cement in good shape through every season.

Shade comes in two primary forms: canvas covers (often referred to as “sunshades”) and scaffolding structures. It is up to you what kind works best for your project.

Clean off debris

Leaves, branches, dead insects, and other types of debris can do serious damage to your cement sidewalk or driveway over time. If not cleaned regularly, they can eat away your cement’s finish or even tear chunks out of it entirely. Therefore, it is crucial to always keep your cement surface clear of debris.

Start by removing any large pieces of debris with a shovel or broom. Next, hose off your cement surfaces to remove smaller pieces. Hosing the surface down is one of the best ways to protect it during warm weather because it will wash away dirt and debris that could otherwise damage its surface over time.

Your cement contractor in Broadview, Illinois will also recommend trimming any plants that are nearby to prevent them from shedding onto it.

Remove any stains

Once you realize that your concrete surface has been stained, you should immediately clean it up — otherwise, the stain can be absorbed into the surface.

Apply a generous amount of baking soda and water to stains with a brush or spray bottle. If there are discolored areas, scrub them gently until all stains are removed. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry in direct sunlight — this is one instance where sun exposure is not an enemy.

Seal the surface

Like every other surface in your Broadview home, cement is susceptible to moisture damage if you do not take steps to seal it.

To prevent moisture-related issues, seal the surface with a penetrating sealer. This will help repel water and keep moisture out of cement.

Any knowledgeable cement contractor in Broadview, Illinois will advise you to let the surface dry completely before sealing it, as over-saturated concrete can cause excessive bubbling when sealed too soon after watering.

Looking for the Top-Rated Cement Contractor in Broadview, Illinois?

Summer can be hard on your cement surfaces, which is why it’s important that you keep up with your pavement maintenance. Do you need assistance with any of the maintenance tasks reviewed above? Do you have a damaged cement surface that needs to be repaired? In any case, if you’re looking for the top-rated cement contractor in Broadview, Illinois, the experts at Via Galante Cement Contractors are here to help. Contact us today at (773) 589-9893 or send us a form through our website to get in touch with our team.