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Why Install Brick Pavers for Driveways? Insights from a Brick Paver Installation Company in Norridge, Illinois

Why Install Brick Pavers for Driveways? Insights from a Brick Paver Installation Company in Norridge, Illinois

Installing brick pavers for your Norridge, Illinois driveway can completely transform the look of your property. Whether you are a home or business owner, there are several reasons why you should consider using bricks over concrete, tiles, or asphalt. Brick paver installation in Norridge, Illinois is a popular option for driveways, patios, walkways, and mass transit applications. The experts at Via Galante are here to share eight reasons why you should consider choosing brick pavers over other driveway materials.

Quick Installation

In most cases, brick pavers can be installed by professionals relatively quickly. It helps you effectively manage your time and expenses. Also, there is no waiting period after the installation so that you can use your driveway in no time after its completion.


A professionally installed brick paver reduces the risk of slip and fall or other pavement-related accidents. It makes a slip and skid-resistant surface with highly abrasive characteristics for a safe and sturdy driveway installation in Norridge, Illinois. It further helps vehicles maintain traction.


Brick pavers are strong and durable. These can withstand vehicular traffic, extreme temperatures, and heavy ground movements. The material is more durable than tiles or concrete and isn’t likely to crack as much as concrete under pressure.


Installing brick pavers is an eco-friendly option since bricks are made of compressed clay, a sustainable, manufactured material. These do not lose their finish or color over time and make a solid, long-term investment. You can choose reclaimed materials for the construction of your driveways. Also, since brick pavers are recyclable, these can be removed and used for other purposes.

‘Wow’ Factor

There is a wow factor to brick pavers, unlike concrete surfaces. You can opt for different concrete styles and designs, but bricks are no different and can offer an unmatched aesthetic appeal. Your driveway will look elegant and classic besides adding to your property’s timeless style. Even a slightly worn-out driveway brings out a vintage finish and makes it stand out from other flooring options.


Usually, the settling and shifting of the underneath land damages asphalt or concrete surfaces. On the other hand, brick pavers have an interlocking mechanism to accommodate the movements beneath and maintain the structural integrity of the surface. This isn’t the case with concrete since it is a solid slab and can break more often than brick pavers.

Easy Maintenance

As far as repairs and long-term maintenance is concerned, bricks are easy. Even if there are cracks or breakage, you can easily replace individual bricks, unlike concrete which is a continuous surface and may require expensive upkeep. To keep the driveway looking fresh and clean, you can simply use a mild cleaning solution with water and a scrubbing brush, and you are good to go.

Resale Value

It is important to have a strong curb appeal when selling your house. Brick pavers can help accomplish this and do well for driveways in Norridge, Illinois. This helps escalate the resale value of your property and aid in creating a good first impression.

Hire a Reliable and Professional Brick Paver Installation Company in Norridge, Illinois

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