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Things You Should Know Before Installing a Paver Patio: Insights from a Brick Paver Installer in Skokie, Illinois

Things You Should Know Before Installing a Paver Patio: Insights from a Brick Paver Installer in Skokie, Illinois

Are you ready to update your outdoor patio space this spring? Although creating a comfortable outdoor space for socializing or simply relaxing may be the primary objective, choosing something durable is just as important. Pavers, flagstone, and concrete are popular additions to any backyard landscaping in the Skokie area — but which option should you choose?

To help make your choice easier, this brick paver installer in Skokie, Illinois is going to discuss everything you’ll need to know below.

Things to consider

First, you’ll need to determine what your brick pavers will be used for. If the pavers are used for a patio or outdoor living space, virtually any option will suffice. However, if the pavers are for a driveway, you’ll need to choose ones with the right thickness or aspect ratio to withstand the weight of a vehicle without cracking. 

Once you have determined the project’s scope, it is all about finding the aesthetic that speaks to you. Concrete pavers are available in a range of textures on the market today. The more conventional finish resembles concrete, while a tumbled paver with worn edges has a more earthy, old-world character, and a slate texture that looks just like natural stone.

Finally, decide if you want to perform the installation yourself or go with ​​a professional brick paver installation in Skokie, Illinois. A DIY patio or walkway paving project can be completed over the weekend — but bigger projects may require the assistance of a contractor. Consider how much time and effort it would take to achieve your desired outcome and decide accordingly.

Pavers are sturdy, economical, and low maintenance.

Interlocking pavers are tough, and concrete pavers are an excellent substitute for poured concrete patios. Concrete slabs are susceptible to cracking and splitting and require frequent patching. This type of repair work can detract from the overall aesthetic of your landscaping. Additionally, weeds can sprout through the cracks. Brick pavers are durable and are flexible enough to expand and contract. Brick pavers are also low maintenance, making them an excellent alternative to stamped concrete patio slabs.

Ultimately, paving stones are an investment. You will be investing in a low-cost patio addition that will boost the value of your Skokie home. Although the initial cost of concrete is somewhat less per square foot, the upkeep, time, and energy involved in repairs add up over time. 

Pavers allow for a plethora of creative design possibilities.

The variety of options and customization is one reason that attracts many Skokie homeowners to paver patios. Plus, when you work with a professional brick paver installer in Skokie, Illinois, you will have an array of different shapes and designs to choose from. The most often used option is a basic rectangular paver such as Hollands or Cobblestones. However, square and triangle pavers and tapered units all make excellent options.

Beyond creating an attractive patio, pavers can be used to add a hardscaping element to the rest of your Skokie property via garden paths, retaining walls, or even an outdoor fireplace. When it comes to pavers, your yard is your canvas — you could mix and match your pavers for a more natural effect or create an eye-catching pattern.

Your pavers can be used to complement virtually any style, from contemporary to rustic. Your imagination only limits the possibilities for customizing the paver’s aesthetic. If you have a specific vision in mind, your brick paver installer in Skokie, Illinois can help bring it to life.

What should you expect from your patio installation?

While choosing patio pavers with the right aesthetics to fulfill your vision should be the priority, there are more important factors to consider when planning your paver patio. These include:
●      Digging: Dig to the necessary depth for your material’s installation.
●      Barrier: Use landscaping fabric to form a barrier that inhibits the growth of weeds.
●      Base: Compact the dirt and use a paver base or sand to create a flat, level surface.
●      Drainage: Grade the land to manage the slope to help in drainage.
●      Edging: Create a strong border for your patio by adding more stone pavers, cement, or vinyl edging to hold pavers in place.
●      Filling: Once the pavers are in place, fill in the cracks with sand to give them a polished look and keep weeds at bay.
●      Extra pavers: Make sure to have extra pavers on hand in case a repair is needed or if you decide to expand your patio later.

Looking for the Top-Rated Brick Paver Installer in Skokie, Illinois?

Installing a paver patio will add beauty to your landscaping, bring life to your outdoor space, and provide a place for your friends and family to relax outdoors. Are you ready to have one installed? If so, and if you’re looking for the top-rated brick paver installer in Skokie, Illinois, Via Galante Cement Contractors is the company to call.

We have over three decades of experience delivering concrete services to residents in Skokie and the surrounding areas. Contact us today at (773) 589-9893 to discuss your options.